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Thanks to super helpful Zeke Miller for his help transcribing gaggle:

Sarah Sanders came back to gaggle for about 11 minutes. (Spicer was off to the side watching her gaggle.)


On Pruitt: “The President was pleased that the EPA administrator was confirmed by the Senate today.”

On the EPA: “In this administration the EPA will no longer spend unnecessary taxpayer dollars on an out of control anti-energy agenda.”

On Boeing: “That airplane is an incredible example of what American ingenuity and initiative can create.”

“Businesses around the country are responding to the president’s pro-growth plans. The trip to Boeing is the perfect cap on a week of tremendous progress on the President’s economic agenda.”

On Saturday rally: “Tomorrow the president will be back in front of the people at a rally at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport. President Trump, just as he did so effectively throughout the campaign, is going to continue taking his message directly to the American people. I know he’s looking forward to being back in Florida, a state that holds a special place in his heart, where the winter White House is, as well as a place that was so instrumental in his historic electoral victory in November.”

Open for qs:

On NSA: “We don’t have any announcements at this time.”

On timetable for selection: “I don’t know if we have a specific timetable.”

Did Ex-Im come up at Boeing?: “I don’t know if that was specifically addressed.”

Generally does POTUS support finding the Ex-Im Bank?: “That’s a question that I’ll let him answer down the line.”

On New EO, what is the WH doing differently to ensure new order can withstand legal challenges: “The president was pretty specific yesterday when he talked about it in terms of that it would match and address the concerns that were part of the legal complications it ran into previously.”

Different people or process this time around? “No, again, all of the people that needed to know the last time that would be part of this process would be part of this process again.

Has POTUS seen order? “I don’t know if an order is finalized” Said they expect to have it “the first part of next week”

“I know the president has been involved in the process, but I don’t know if he has seen the most up-to-date version”

On earlier AP-obtained memo: “Secretary Kelly did not draft that memo.”

Who drafted it? “I’m not aware of the specific person, but I know that it wasn’t Secretary Kelly or at his direction.”

Why is POTUS going back onto stump?: “I think it’s real simple the reason he wants to go back—I think in large part it’s because his message when filtered through unfortunately people standing in this circle don’t always do the best job delivering his message and nobody does it better than he does. He can do that very easily by taking the stage and talking to the people of America, addressing their concerns and being able to properly express what he’s doing, what his administration has done over the last month and what they plan to do in the coming weeks.”

Is this a campaign rally for 2020 or for another candidate? “I think it’s, most likely, a campaign rally for America.”

Funded by political organization, not the WH?: “Yes.”

She said rally itself and staging is covered by campaign, but she’d get back to us on AF1.

“President Trump still has a campaign in existence that can help pay for things that aren’t specific to the White House”

She didn’t know whether Donald Trump for President had been transferred from 2016 to 2020.

Asked whether there was anything under consideration to build up the legal and enforcement infrastructure because of increased immigration enforcement since the administration said it was not considering adding 100,000 national guard, Sanders said she would leave that to agencies like ICE but that the administration is glad they're able to go out and do their jobs.

On DACA, she said the president addressed it, there is a compassion piece to it, but it needs to be done right.

Asked again about who authored the memo on bringing in more National Guard, "I don't specifically know who put pen to paper but I know that it was not secretary kelly and it wasn't at his direction."

Asked if it happened during the transition she said "I'm not aware on the exact timeline on when it happened but what I do know is that this White House and this president has had no plans in any capacity to use the national guard to roundup."

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