3/15 Travel pool #6

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Date: March 15, 2017 at 2:28:26 PM EDT
Subject: 3/15 Travel pool #6

Trump pointed to Reince Priebus and said he may one day run a car company or maybe not. "He's done a great job," POTUS said of his chief of staff.

"Are paints as good today as they used to be or not?" Trump asked Bob Kaiser, of Gallagher-Kaiser Detroit, a strategic paint supplier for General Motors.

They're better and better for the environment, Kaiser said. "Good," the president responded.

"You have to build plants here. I know I gave you a hard time but you have to build them here," POTUS said to Jim Lentz, the CEO of Toyota North America.

"I understand," Lentz said. "I understand."

Dennis Williams, the UAW president said he wanted to add to Trump's maxim that plants be built in America. He said he also wants the workers to be UAW members. "We want the workers to rise too," Williams said.

Trump, nodding and smiling, said "some things never change."

The president asked Jose Muñoz of Nissan Motor Company "What percent of your cars are made here?" Muñoz waited a beat and said 65% of Nissan plants are in the US. Trump said "I had your great prime minister" for a visit named Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. "We had a great time," Trump said. "You may have heard about it."

Priebus said Trump has American workers on his mind.

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