Carson/Perry Pool Report #4

From: Olivier Knox
Date: March 2, 2017 at 6:47:28 PM EST
Subject: Carson/Perry Pool Report #4
Reply-To: Olivier Knox

No breaking news. Solid color. Perry joked he'd show up Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who rode a horse to work today, by commuting tomorrow "on a single-stage rocket...what could go wrong." Perhaps fearful that your pool utterly lacks a sense of humor, he quickly added that he planned to "quietly drive over and go to work."

Now then.

Former Texas governor Rick Perry is now the 14th US Energy Secretary, 181 years after Texas declared its independence.

Pence opened his remarks by noting that today marked an important anniversary in the history of Texas. "the country," Perry quipped. "President Trump called you to this role, to serve as the 14th secretary of energy because of who you are, because of what you've done, and because of what both of us and the people who know you well, know you will do to lead the  Department of Energy to even greater heights," Pence said.

Perry said Pres. Trump's decision to pick Pence as his running mate showed good judgment.

"This is about our country. And we collectively understand that the opportunity that we have been given, this maybe once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Mr Vice President, to truly put America on a course that will deliver for future generations extraordinary opportunities," Perry said. The former gov went on to describe a conversation in which then-president-elect Trump looked across his desk and said "Here's what I want you to do. I want you to do for American energy what you did for Texas."

But if your pooler is being honest, the better stuff came before he was sworn in. Your pooler approached Perry as he waited before Carson's swearing in, and asked him about his Bible. Not being all that familiar with Texas politics (despite many, many stays in welcoming Waco), your pooler did not know that Perry's Bible - "Jimmy Swaggart Reference Edition" - has been signed by every person he ever swore in as governor, and that he used it for every oath he himself took. Perry highlighted Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett's autograph, called him "Mister Twitter champion." Perry said he planned to have Pence sign the Bible.

That led to the conversation about whether his commute would involve a horse, surely a more reliable conveyance than, say, the Red Line.

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