Foreign pool report #2 - Photo as gift from PM Trudeau

From: Richard Latendresse []
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2017 1:28 PM
Subject: Foreign pool report #2 - Photo as gift from PM Trudeau

Quotes will be coming soon from the meeting in the Cabinet Room with women entreprenuers, but some details on the gift-photo that the President referred to at the beginning of the spray.

"He gave me a picture of myself and your father, that I will put in a respectful place."

Here's what the PM Office has sent us:

It is a picture of Donald J. Trump, Dinner Chairman and the Right Honourable Pierre E. Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada at the Family of Man award in New York City on Nov. 5, 1981. The Prime Minister (Pierre Trudeau) was given the award for demonstrating an outstanding example of excellence in society. The Society for the Family of Man is an international and interfaith organization founded in 1963 by New York City's Council of Churches to honor outstanding examples of excellence in society.


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