Fw: 3rd & final Jill Biden Pool Report for Istanbul visit of Jan 22

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Subject: 3rd & final Jill Biden Pool Report for Istanbul visit of Jan 22

We're visiting the Pages bookstore, which is in the grounds of the Byzantine Chora Church (now a museum), just Istanbul's ancient city walls. The bookstore was opened 6 months ago by two Syrian refugees who came from Damascus to Turkey via Jordan: Samer Alkadri and his wife, Gulnar Hajou, who writes and illustrates children's books. There was a kids' drawing workshop on the top floor of the narrow wooden building that houses the bookshop and cafe. A small group of children is, in crayon, drawing their dreams and ambitions, apparently for publication in a book. One girl tells Dr Biden that when she grows up she wants to be a singer or a director; another says she wants to be a flower. Photo-op. The bookstore operates as an informal community centre for refugees in the area; Dr Biden met privately downstairs with the employees and some workshop participants, who apparently told her about adapting to a new life in Turkey, where they've moved along with over 2 million of their compatriots since the start of the Syrian war.

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