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Hi all, This pool report comes courtesy of Ali Weinberg from ABC who graciously offered to share her report from the Potus/Vpotus meeting with the the 1983 North Carolina Wolfpack team and their families...

Thanks again for your understanding (and our apologies again)

Here is the note from Ali...

There were about 17 or so surviving members of the team arrayed on a riser to meet with President Obama and Vice President Biden.

Their wives and other family members were seated to the side.

POTUS And VPOTUS were greeted with raucous applause. UT Sen. Orrin Hatch, who wrote a letter on the team's behalf to get the WH to hold a meeting, joined them.

Assorted banter ensued - at one point Biden joked, "I'm the other guy."

Obama said of the 1983 team, "this is my cohort."

He also joked of Hatch, "I always do everything he says," but that Hatch doesn't always reciprocate.

He also asked the team about why they did not come to the WH originally – one man on the riser explained:  “We had an athletic director who was frugal. And he wouldn't pay for our bus fare or our hotels. We then had a TV station who stepped up and offered to pay, the NCAA said it was a violation, so we stayed home.”

POTUS also jokes, "I'm sorry I'm not wearing red." But then a player said, "we can fix that, Mr. President," and presented him with a jersey.

They then took a group picture.

We left as POTUS was walking over to greet the family members


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