Fw: Biden meets Jabouri; pool 3

From: Harris, Gardiner
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Subject: Biden meets Jabouri; pool 3

Following a nearly 90-minute meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. met with Speaker of Parliament Saleem al-Jabouri. The meeting was held at the American Embassy, and the pool was ushered into a generous conference room with the two leaders at the meeting's beginning.
Here is a transcript of Mr. Biden's remarks:
"Well, it's good to be back in Baghdad. This is my 27th or 28th, I don't know how many, time. The first time in four years. This is an old friend," Mr. Biden said and put his hand of Mr. Jabouri.
"I'm having meetings today. Had a meeting with the prime minster and now the speaker to talk about the progress we're making against Daesh. It's real, serious, and it's committed. And we've talked about, we will be talking about a number of things. But in my last meeting with the prime minster, we talked about the plans that are in store for Mosul and the coordination going on with all of our friends here. And so I'm very optimistic. And I'm anxious to hear what the speaker has to say. Like I said, we've been doing this a long time. The last time you were in my office."
Then Mr. Jabouri spoke. His remarks were in Arabic, although a translator at Mr. Biden's side whispered a translation into his ear. When Mr. Jabouri's remarks were finished, Mr. Biden said:
"Well, we're committed."
The pool was then ushered out.

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