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Racing great Mario Andretti said the checkered flag socks he's wearing tonight "represents a good finish line, when you win." Your pooler asked who would win in an auto race between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. "I think Trump," he said, recalling a spoof he did with the GOP presidential nominee years ago on "The Apprentice."

"I drove him one time in a two-seater car in New York and I didn't mess up his hair at all," Andretti told reporters, as an aide attempted to pull him away. Saying he pulled up to Trump Tower, Trump "jumped in it and we took off, and it looked like we were doing 200 miles an hour through Manhattan. It was fun."

It wasn't the first White House visit for singer James Taylor, who said he performed at the Germany state dinner in 2011. Asked what the pressure is like being a performer at such an event, he said, "Familiar."

Fashion designer Naeem Khan, who's created dresses for Michelle Obama, called FLOTUS "the most amazing person as an individual, besides being the first lady."

"Her causes are amazing. She's got the best body. I don't know when glamour's going to be ever back in the White House. Think about it — she pushes the American designers, which is so wonderful," Khan said.

Chance Bennett, known as Chance the Rapper, said what he was most looking forward to: "I hope there's some dancing. There's some good music played. The recurring dance battle that me and the president have had going on for a few years."

Who's winning the dance-off? "I'm very high in the polls," Chance the Rapper said confidently. "I'm just a great dancer. I have the fit, the build for it. I take it very seriously," he said.

The performer had said in an interview with Billboard earlier this month that the media has "unfairly treated" Hillary Clinton. When your pooler asked if the media has treated Donald Trump fairly, he replied, "No. I think the media over-saturated his presence in the election and plays to a lot of his weaknesses, but plays them up as strengths, so he can get more airtime."

Singer Frank Ocean sported black and white checkered Vans to his first state dinner. "First time doing it, probably because it's my first time here," he said with a grin.

Ocean said he was most excited about "asking Obama if he had fun, just congratulating him also."

As arrivals finished up, a few White House aides were heard remarking how sad they were to staff their last state dinner, and snapped some photos to mark the occasion.

Guest arrivals ended at 7:51 p.m.


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