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Jill Biden arrived at Dubai's School of Science Research at 10:57 am. She was accompanied by her grandchildren, Natalie and Hunter, and her daughter-in-law Hallie.

She toured the premises of the school with its principal, Nan Billingham, and its founder, Najla Al Shamsi, for about 45 minutes. She visited classrooms and spoke to students, mostly female.

Then, at 12:05, Dr. Biden started speaking at the school's assembly on the occasion of International Women's Day. She spoke for just over 6 minutes.

"What all of you are doing -putting your education first - is really so important," she said, addressing a crowd of mostly female students.

"We are all more successful when women and girls are given the opportunity to succeed," she said.

She spoke of her meeting Monday with Sheikha Fatima, wife of the UAE's late founder, and described her as "a pioneer for women and girls across the Emirates."

"While both our countries have made real progress toward gender equality, there is always more that can be done," she said.

"Today, on International Women's Day and every day we must stand with the women and men who are committed to a future where our daughters and our sons have equal opportunity to thrive," she said.

"Together we must do more to ensure that all girls, and boys, have the opportunity everyone deserves to pursue their passion and be treated with respect, regardless of gender."

She have her address after two other speakers: Asma Lootah, an Emirati entrepreneur who founded a pilates studio and wellness center in Dubai, and Sarah Amiri, who leads the science team at the UAE's Mars mission and  heads the country's council of scientists.

Dr. Biden left at 12:56. It is the Bidens' last day in the UAE.

The School of Research Science is a private Arabic-English bilingual that goes from kindergarten to 12th grade. It has separate boys and a girls sections.

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