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Dr. Biden Pool Report 2

Dr Biden accompanied by Catherine Russell, U.S.Ambassador -at-Large for Global Women's Issues,  concluded the day by attending a reception ceremony held in the U.S embassy in Addis Ababa.

Charge d' Affairs of the embassy, Peter Vrooman welcomed the second lady and her delegation.

Ethiopian women who attended the reception included Ambassador Genet Zewde, former education minister, Meaza Ashenafi, Board Chairman of the first women bank in Ethiopia, Solome Tadesse, Managing director of A Youth Brand that uses media platform to create a "new normal" for girls.

Other successful women were also in attendance.

Addressing the gathering, Dr.Biden said "we need more women like you to become voices of change in their communities''

It was Catherine Russell who introduced Dr. Biden the gathering.

She described the second lady as '' a mentor and incredible role model for women and girls."

A poem was also read by a young Ethiopian girl, Christine Yohannes.

After the reception ceremony, Dr.Biden and her delegation left the embassy.

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