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Dr. Biden Pool Report  3

Jill Biden arrived outside the campus of New York University Abu Dhabi at 12:40 p.m., where she was greeted by the university’s vice chancellor, Al Bloom.

The spoke as they walked through a courtyard, but their conversation was inaudible. Journalists moved inside a building.

In the campus, Mr. Bloom accompanied Dr. Biden to a meeting with three Emirati undergraduate students who are participating in a one-year program at NYUAD. Dr. Biden asked them about their experience at the university.

“So this is more exciting, more interactive?” she asked.

One of the three students said: “the best thing about this program is that we get to meet leaders like you.”

Also at the meeting was Diane Yu, the head of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Scholars Program, which is open to students who excel at the UAE’s top three universities.

Dr. Biden then walked to the university’s Engineering Design Studio, where professors and NYUAD students presented some of their recent inventions. Among them: an application for iPhones and smart watches aimed at safer driving called Road Watch.

“Can it tell if you are texting on your phone?” joked Dr. Biden. She thanked the university staff before heading to the motorcade, which took off at around 1:30 pm.

NYUAD was developed in partnership with the UAE government and opened in 2010. It is the first comprehensive liberal arts and science campus in the region operated by a major U.S. research university. Today, there are around 880 undergraduates from 110 countries.


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