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At 7:15 pm Dr. Biden arrived at NASA's Mission Control Center and started a tour

Dr. Biden, students, their teacher, and Mark Kelly entered the Apollo air mission control room where NASA scientists controlled the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 missions and other early shuttle flights at approximately 7:25pm. The set from Apollo 13 was an exact replica of the room. The students and Dr. Biden engaged in a brief discussion in the first room with Norm Knight, chief of the flight director office at NASA, who led their tour

The pool was ushered out after hearing one question about the titles on different stations

At 7:36 pm, the group entered the international space station flight control room. The pool was holding in a viewing room and could not hear the discussion, but they again chatted with the guide. Stations in this room are manned 24/7 and all flight operations for astronauts aboard the international space station are covered here.

In both rooms the walls, were lined with decorative plaques commemorating each flight flown/controlled out of the room. Beneath the plaques, still images of shuttle launches and missions align the beige walls. The stations were a dusty blue and several stationed were manned but not all because the astronauts on board the ISS are currently asleep.

Live images from the current space station were projected on several large screens along the front end of the room.

16 times a day, the iSS travels around the earth. Astronauts see sunrise and sunset every 45 minutes

The pool was ushered out of the mission control center at approximately 7:49 pm and is moving to the next location

On background from the Office of the Vice President

Dr. Biden is touring Johnson Space Center with the following individuals:

- Mark Kelly, Scott Kelly’s identical twin brother and former NASA astronaut and shuttle commander
- Dr. John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology
- Dr. Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden,
- Kelly Pysh, Aberdeen High School Student
- Sara Decker, Aberdeen High School Student
- Brandon Casquete, Aberdeen High School Student
- Yvonne Gabriel, Aberdeen High School Teacher

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