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Around 8:30pm , the tour moved along to the Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility or SVMF, which houses a full scale mock up of the international space station. Every astronaut who has ever gone in space has gone through this building for training.  Dr. Biden and company were able to walk through the model of the station. The pool did not tour the mock ISS. There were sets of screens displaying the inside of the mock station near where the pool was holding as Dr. Biden and the group toured the facility. At around 8:33, your pooler could see Dr. Biden and the tour group walking through the station on screens that displayed live images. They started between modules called harmony and unity, and traveled along the various modules. Photographers in the pool were able to capture the tour from inside the station, just outside of where the U.S.  and the Russian segments connect, though due to space constraints we were kept at a healthy distance. A sign indicates the maximum capacity is 12.

According to a NASA official, the ISS is about the size of an American football field.

Along a wall near the Japanese logistics module hung a massive American flag. On another wall of the massive room holding the mock station hangs a vertical, small scale model of the ISS with a starry backdrop draped behind it. Banners with images of missions also hang from bright yellow beams near the ceiling.

Full scale capsules and work stations peppered the area around the massive mock station. The room also housed the nose of a launch shuttle. Your pooler is told there were three here at one point, but the two others have been transferred to museums.

After about 20 minutes of poking around in the first couple of modules, the second lady and her tour group moved further along the station.

The pool moved along as their tour continued.

Your pooler has also learned the second lady was gifted with a montage plaque that included an American flag that flew with Scott Kelly back at the mission control center.

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