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Please note:  to check exact quotes with the transcript

The First Lady Michelle Obama  arrived at 11:00 am this morning inside the FAC , the Cuban art Factory

The factory is in La Habana and is called Fábrica de Arte Cubano. It is an old peanut oil factory from the 1930s, according to the Cubans. After the revolution, it belonged to the Ministry of Culture. The First Lady arrived in this building, which is the symbol of modern art and artistic expression in La Havana. It’s extremely white, with exhibits of paintings, photographs, and video that you can see in the New York Museum. In a big room called"' La Pared Negra,'' the First Lady had an event. .

Ten Cuban teenagers girls were seating in a room  extremely excited to see her. Before her arrival, what looked like a Cuban official came up to the girls and asked them  ins Spanish "'to remain quiet and not cross their legs.''

A few minutes before the First Lady entered, senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, the First Lady’s mother Mrs. Robinson, and the First Lady’s Chief of Staff Tina Tchen arrived and sat down near the press area.
Mrs. Robinson and Valerie Jarrett quickly used their Blackberries.

The First Lady sat down and was introduced by journalist Soledad O’Brien. Mrs.. O'Brien spoke for a few minutes about "'having a foundation and said "sometimes the color of the skin challenges us."

Then a few minutes after   The First Lady began to speak to the girl.s.
Her remarks were translated one minute after into Spanish. The First Lady with behind her an American flag, a Cuban flag and the logo  "Let Girls Learn"' went on  and please check again  the transcript for precise sentences on what the First lady said.

Most Important quotes heard by your pooler : ""I want to make sure we have a wonderful conversation, and you may ask any questions you want.”
“As a young person who was also in the minority, trying to do my best, I know how it’s challenging for the  young girls to fight all the of stereotypes.  I always tried to talk to young people. It’s important to have a foundation. When women and girls get an education, their country, your family prospers.”

Looking at the girls, the First Lady said, “I want to know about your lives. Don’t be nervous, hopefully it will be fun.”

The program began with two questions from American children and teenagers recorded  and aired on a TV screen. One was about how many classes  there are in Cuba, and the other one was about what is unique to Cuba. After the two questions, we were quietly escorted out.

The press was near the bar and what appeared to be a DJ console.The museum often holds live concerts in this space.
An interesting side note: A producer of your  pooler’s channel came to the museum two days ago and noticed a lot of nude art photos. in the room in which the First lady had the event.
Today those two pictures were replaced by a black-and-white photo of a flag and another one of a bird flying in the sky. Under one of the nude photos two days ago there was in Spanish  this caption:"' I could give you a secret, but I don’t have any trust in your silence."'

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