FW: FLOTUS London pool report #1

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The First Lady arrived at the Mulberry School for Girls at 1030 am local time, entering the school's courtyard where she was greeted by hundreds of students, aged 11 to 18, waving American and UK flags. Students stood on the grass of the courtyard and also filled a balcony overlooking the area.

The school's head teacher Dr Vanessa Ogden was also there to greet FLOTUS, who arrived smiling, clapping and waving.

The girls' choir then broke into song, singing "Something Inside So Strong."
A student handed FLOTUS a bouquet of pink and purple flowers.
A student dressed in all black then danced to a spoken word poem ("Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou) performed by another student.
The First Lady pumped her fist when they were done and hugged the performers as the rest of the students applauded, before exiting the courtyard.

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