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The First Lady sat down for a round table discussion at the Mulberry School for Girls library at 1045 am local time with Fiona Mavhinga, founder of CAMFED Alumnae Association; Dr Pauline Rose, Director of research for equitable access and learning Center, Cambridge University; Rt Hon Justine Greening, Secretary of State for international development; Bina Contreras, returned PeaceCorps volunteer; Rt Hon Nicky Morgan, dept of education (UK); and Tina Tchen, the FLOTUS chief of staff.

The round table took place in front of shelves of books stacks with biographies and memoirs of women, such as Emily Bronte, Maya Angelou and Emmeline Pankhurst. FLOTUS sat in the middle with Greening on her left and Contreras on her right.

Tchen introduced FLOTUS and announced the new partnership between the US and the UK to get girls into education in the developing world.

"There are 60 million girls all around the world, just like the girls here [at Mulberry] but they're not getting an education," Obama said after Tchen introduced her.

The panel then began to discuss policy that focuses on getting girls into education.

As each women made points, FLOTUS listened closely, often nodding her head. Dr Rose pointed out that girls' education is important for not only individual girls, but also a society's stability. FLOTUS nodded in agreement.

When Mavhinga shared her personal story of trying to obtain an education growing up in Zimbabwe, she stressed the importance of community.

"We approach communities from a place of strength and the right solutions are right there for us to uncover," said FLOTUS, mentioning both her and the president's work with community organisations and the importance community plays in getting girls into education.

Contreras shared her experience as a PeaceCorps volunteer in Uganda where she founded a girls' breakdancing program. FLOTUS jokingly shared a message with those girls, telling them to "bust a move."

Tchen brought up the importance of getting girls in the US to care about girls' education around the world through Let Girls Learn.

FLOTUS discussed social media and said she told her daughters, "instead of tweeting what you had for lunch, why don't you tweet what you learned at school and share it with girls around the world."

The discussion ended at 11:15 and the press pool was escorted out.

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