Fw: FLOTUS London pool report #3

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To: Donohue, Kelsey; Rosholm, Joanna; Adler, Caroline
Subject: FLOTUS London pool report #3

After addressing students in the auditorium at the Mulberry School for Girls, the First Lady then surprised the students who were seated in the overflow room during her speech.

The 900 students sat cross-legged on the gymnasium floor erupted into cheers and screams as FLOTUS walked in. They jumped to their feet waving flags, before sitting back down again.

"Surprise!" FLOTUS shouted. "I didn't forget about you guys."

Once the girls had quieted, FLOTUS added to the speech she'd given earlier.

"I want you all to pay it forward. Find someone in your community to mentor," FLOTUS continued. "Your job is to reach back and help someone up."

"I want you to keep doing what you're doing: work hard in school," she said. "Be hungry."

She finished with: "This has been an amazing day."

The pool was then escorted out of the room.

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