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FLOTUS and Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan strolled down the main pathway here at the Smithsonian Zoo at about 10:20 a.m.FLOTUS was wearing a cap-sleeved navy blue dress, the top half had silver stitching with flowers. Ms. Peng, considered by some to be a fashion rival of the stylish first lady, wore a turtle-necked white blouse with what looks like pink floral details and a knee-length satin cotton-candy pink skirt. Tasteful floral details seems to be the theme today.

FLOTUS and Ms. Peng strolled down path with Secretary of the Smithsonian David Skorton, and both women nodded and smiled but pool couldn’t hear what they were saying. They were greeted outside the path to the panda habitat by a group of about 15 kindergarteners from Yu-Ying Public Charter School, a Chinese immersion elementary school in Washington.

Mrs. Obama asked them “What are you gonna do?” To which they replied they didn’t know, and eventually they said they were doing a performance. “Ok!” Mrs. Obama said and they sang head, shoulders knees and toes in Chinese. Ms. Peng clapped along softly and FLOTUS nodded enthusiastically. At the end, Mrs. Obama went in for a hug. The kids were nervous at first but they went for it. Ms. Peng also gave hugs and some forehead kisses to the group. All then posed for a group photo. Mrs. Obama asked the kids to thank Ms. Peng, who she said was the first lady of China. “I didn’t know that!” one kid cried out.

As we wait for FLOTUS and Ms. Peng to come down to the habitat Bao Bao emerged and proceeded to circle and then chow down on a special “panda cake.” The panda cakes are made out of fruit and ice and are inspired by Chinese architecture. They are shaped like Chinese pagodas and they were described by one zoo staffer as “a popsicle for pandas” and a panda’s favorite thing to eat. A group of 15 third graders waiting to sing another song are cheering as Bao Bao, 2 year old sister of the month-old cub born here, knocked the top off of the panda cake and excitedly is eating it. I’ll tweet a photo of the half-eaten cake. Bao Bao currently had red juice dripping down her nose.

Felicia Schwartz
The Wall Street Journal

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