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Roars of applause from three dozen unlformed service members greeted Michelle Obama when she walked into the Fox Sports Sky Box sports bar at Al Udeid air base Tuesday night.

Joined by late night talk show host Conan O'Brien, Mrs. Obama paid a visit to this sprawling desert base to show her support for the 11,000 troops stationed here.  She is visiting Qatar and Jordan this week  to promote education for adolescent girls.

"This isn't an easy post," she said of a base where temperatures soar above 120 degrees in the summer.  "You guys are doing the tough work."

Three dozen troops from all armed services were selected by their commanders based on merit to meet the First Lady.

"I don't know how I got picked," said Capt. Daniel Winn, 30, an intelligence officer from Manchester, N.H.  "I was told to show up."

The sports bar -- two-thirds empty but for the handpicked junior officers and enlisted troops seated at four tables, and with all TV's off Tuesday night -- is one of the few on-post facilities in the Middle East where service members can buy alcoholic beverages; here the allowance is three drinks a day (beer, wine or shots of hard liquor), bar staff said.

The bar was closed for the First Lady's visit.
Instead, before she arrived with O'Brien's camera crew in tow filming for his show, troops dug into scoops of Coldstone Creamery ice cream
-- choice of vanilla, pistachio or mocha -- arranged by Mrs. Obama.
Ice cream was inexplicably unavailable here for the past two months.

Mrs. Obama's visit  drew praise from the service members.

"It's great to see our leaderships here to support us," said Air Force Tech Sgt. Emmanuel Santillan, 29, from St. Croix, V.I.  "We aren't forgotten."

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