Fw: FLOTUS Pool Report 1 from Renwick

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Subject: FLOTUS Pool Report 1 from Renwick

The First Lady and all five spouses visited the Renwick Gallery just down the street from the White House. They arrived on foot at approximately 10:20.
Nicholas Bell, Curator at the Renwick Gallery, gave the group a tour through several exhibits on the gallery's ground floor.
The group stopped in the room containing the installation of Plexus A1 by Gabriel Dawe. They admired the weaving, created from multicolored threads stretched and lit to resemble a rainbow. The spouses could be heard asking questions (pooler couldn't make out the exact queries) and nodding.
At the installation of Patrick Dougherty's "Shindig"-- large masses of willow saplings--Michelle Obama led the group inside one of the structures fashioned out of branches, waving playfully to the cameras.
They then went upstairs where they continued the tour and for a performance by The Savoy Players, a group of current and former Savoy Elementary School students. (Per the press release, Savoy Elementary was one of eight original schools selected as a Turnaround Arts School.)
The group was seated on colorful sofas underneath a large woven sculpture titled "1.8" by Janet Echelman, which they admired before taking their seats.

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