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Subject: FLOTUS pool report 2

In her remarks, FLOTUS praised the Goldman Sachs initiative 10,000 Women, while outlining the goals of Let Girls Learn, the education program.

"In my travels as First Lady, I’ve met so many amazing young women and i have seen firsthand how smart and how strong and determine they are to fulfill their promise, but as we know, so they face such overwhelming obstacles to just getting an education,” she said.

She thanked new projects being announced at the dinner, including investments from CARE, Oracle, The Hershey Company, PayPal, AOL, American Airlines and Just Like My Child Foundation. She said that, "altogether these commitments represent more than $20 milllion in investments."

At one point FLOTUS brought onto the stage Ciiru Waithaka, a Kenyan businesswoman who received a loan from the 10,000 Women initiative.

She also got laughs with this aside:

“While my time as First Lady may be coming to and end -- I shouldn’t say may. It is. Let’s not get that confused.”

She wrapped up her remarks at 8:00. One her way out of the Benjamin Franklin Room,  she hugged, shook hands and posed for pictures with a few of the dinner attendees.


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