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When Michelle Obama was in the art room, she spoke to one of the artists, asking about the mural he'd done. "It's amazing," says FLOTUS. The artist says he works on his art after his children go to bed. She says, "How old are your kids?"

He says, "Five and seven."

She smiles and says, "Oh, you need art." People in the room laugh.

She leaves the room later and walks into a room that's down the hall in the second floor. She says hi to two men, Lt Col Shane Tomko (Marine) of Quincy, Illinois, and Sgt Roderic Liggens of Washington. They play piano and drums. It's an "eclectic" sound, says Tomko. It sounds like soft jazz.

Earlier today Tomko told me that the music they play is "sincere and from the heart - nothing contrived."

Tomko tells FLOTUS that he met his band mate in the hospital. She stands near a wall with her hands folded in front of her.

Tomko says he's going to play a song he wrote. "It's a prayer," he says.

She listens with her arms folded across her stomach. She nods her head as the song picks up and has a half smile and nods her head to the music. Prince Harry is standing next to her and looks a little stiff.

FLOTUS smiles as Tomko sings, "it's time for you to come back home."

She says; "Whoo. Wow."

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