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Subject: FLOTUS pool report #4

More guests arriving at the State Dinner.

Actor Michael J. Fox, accompanied by his wife, actress Tracy Pollan, who was wearing a long dark blue dress, said he went to a State Dinner in 1985.
"It's terrific that our countries have a fresh start. It's nice to see."
When asked about Trudeau, he said "He's cool." He said he had not met him yet. He said he was excited to be here and a little nervous.
"I was a fan of his dad. When I was a kid, I used to say we had the coolest world leader going. His son is pretty cool too."

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he credits POTUS with some of the interest in basketball around the globe.
"No question about it. The president of United States being a huge basketball fan has made a big difference to us, even especially outside the United States...It has been really impactful."
When asked by another reporter if POTUS could get some kind of honorary number, Silver said "Now that he's invited me to a State Dinner, yes."

Your pooler saw fellow White House correspondents Roberta Rampton of Reuters and Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post looking fabulous as they went inside the dinner.

And in answer to your many questions, no, there were no sightings of Sen. Ted Cruz or Justin Bieber.

This is expected to be the final report from your FLOTUS pooler tonight.

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