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FLOTUS arrived 1:29 for story time, flanked by the Cat in the Hat and two other Dr. Seuss characters.
It appeared 40-plus children were in the group. Story time lasted until 1:41.

She read what she called a "new Dr. Seuss book," written for Let's Move titled, "Oh the Things You Can Do That Are Good for You."

A "new" book by the late Dr. Seuss is possible because it was an effort of  Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) with Dr. Seuss Enterprises (DSE) and Random House Children's Books, according to the Lets Move website.


As FLOTUS read the book, the folks dressed on Dr. Seuss character gave animated reactions.

She interacted with the crowd of children as she read.

"How many people exercise?" Most of the kids raised their hands.

As she read in the book about sneezing and the germs it can spread, she asked the kids to show her how you can sneeze into your elbow.

She continued to read the book about the food pyramid.

Then she told the kids: "Dr. Seuss tells you you need fruits and vegetable. So you've got to eat fruits and vegetables. Right?"

The kids responded, "yeah."

After reading in the book about teeth brushing, she asked the children, "How many of you are good teeth brushers?" Nearly every child raised their hand. But when FLOTUS asked, "Two times a day?" a few hands dropped.

The book wrapped up, as FLOTUS read, "You're important. You're special. Believe it's true. There is no one in the world exactly like you. ... So taking care of yourself is a good thing to do."

She then told the audience of children that 's the most important part of the book.

Her parting advice to the children was "Use your brain. Move your feet and eat good food. You promise me?"

The children responded, "Yeah."

As always, check against transcript.

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