FW: FLOTUS Pool Report 5/Spray paint & Murals

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Subject: FLOTUS Pool Report 5/Spray paint & Murals

As Mrs. Obama greeted people on the rope line following her speech, the pool was ushered outside to the 6th Street, Northeast, side of Union Market, where four murals adorned the almost block-long side of the building.

All were done by Mr. Brainwash, a Los Angeles-based graffiti artist commissioned by The Girls' Lounge. The largest was pink and gray with the faces of different girls on it, the words "Life is Beautiful" was written in large lettering.

There was also a black-and-white mural of Albert Einstein holding a sign that read "Love is the Answer."

Mr. Brainwash was working on one of the murals, a wall of brightly colored, overlapping hearts, when Mrs. Obama came out to meet him and join in. With his help, she spray-painted on several red hearts, and then did some blue ones  by herself.  She posed for pictures with Mr. Brainwash, a bearded older gentlemen in paint-stained black jeans and a black hoodie wearing a rumpled gray fedora. He tags his artwork by signing his name with a heart over the "i" in "Brainwash." A quick Ebay scan showed his original works have an average price tag of around $15,000.

The First Lady signed her name to the giant pink mural, smiled for a few more pictures, and then your pool was loaded back in the van and we were off to the White House.

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