FW: Foreign pool for POTUS meeting with the Emire of Qatar

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Subject: Foreign pool for POTUS meeting with the Emire of Qatar

This is the first official visit of the Emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani to the White House. Pool was ushered around 12 45 , POTUS greeted the Emir stressing the security cooperation between the two countries and also cooperation in the field of technology and science which creates jobs as the President said .

POTUS said that the two leaders discussed regional issues top of them was  the coalition to degrade and defeat ISIS , POTUS said that " we are all committed to see ISIS defeated ", he also talked about the need of reducing  the sectarian violence and the need for the Iraqi people to live together .

On Syria , POTUS reiterated that Assad lost his legitimacy but acknowledged that finding a solution to the Syrian crisis , "is a source of tremendous challenge" He said that the U.S will continue to support the moderate oppostion .

Libya and Yemen were also among the topics discussed, " which is causing a tremendous amount of turmoil " the president said .

POTUS updated the Emir on the negotiations with Iran and said that any process needs to be verified .

Obama described the conversation as "excellent ." He said that he wants to see peace and security in the Middle East and that the young people has the chance to be educated .

The Emir opted to speak in English , he agreed on what POTUS mentioned and added one more topic which is the Israeli / Palestinian conflict thanking the president for his commitment to find a solution and stressing that it's an important issue to the people of the Middle East .

Your pooler tried to get the Emir to give one sound bite in Arabic but to no avail . POTUS intervened and said " you are good at translation".

The Emir  arrived at the White House around  11 20 and his meeting with Obama was over an hour. Among the Qatari delegation at the oval were Foreign Minister Khalid al Atieh, Finance Minister , head of the Diwan, and the Qatari ambassador to washington .

According to the Emir's delegation,  he is addressing students at George Town University , and will be meeting with the leaders of both parties at Congress tomorrow .He is visiting Huston and has meetings with the business leaders there , he  leaving the country on Friday.

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