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President Obama began with remarks on flooding in Texas and calling on Senate to act on USA Freedom Act.

On NATO,  Obama called it a "challenging and important time for NATO" and pointed to the "increasingly aggressive posture that Russia has taken" in Ukraine. NATO would continue to support Ukraine through its partnership with Kiev. Both Obama and Stoltenberg called for all sides to abide by the Minsk agreement.

Obama called NATO the cornerstone not just of transatlantic security but also of global security and pointed to progress made in meeting the Readiness Action Plan agreed to by the alliance  at the last NATO summit in Wales in September 2014.

He noted that NATO also has a role to play along its "southern front" and that its members were coordinating on Islamic State, Libya and providing defence cooperation with Iraq, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the African Union.

On Afghanistan, Obama said how to support Afghan forces following the drawdown of NATO troops would be a topic at the NATO summit in Warsaw in July 2016 with support in training and assistance not just from the US, but from all NATO countries. It is important to be sure that each NATO country is properly contributing, he said.

Stoltenberg to come in take 2.

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