Fw: Foreign Pool Report #3: the State Dinner

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Subject: Foreign Pool Report #3: the State Dinner

Your foreign pooler was amazed by the decoration of the East Room, where the State Dinner was held.

The White House used lighting equipment to project hundreds of roses on the wall, even project two giant calligraphic style roses on the wall where President Obama and President Xi gave remarks.

As told by the White House, the two roses signify a complete meeting of minds. The roses represent "the perennial friendship".

As my American counterpart pooler said, the remark and toast lasted roughly 13 minutes.

In President Xi's remark, he mentioned about the new Panda cub Bei Bei, which his wife Madame Peng Liyuan and First Lady Michelle Obama saw and announced the name today in the National Zoo.  He said Madame Peng told him, she is deeply touched by American kids' love of panda and their curiosity about China, she said "the seed of U.S.-China friendship have already taken root in the heart of the kids. "

President Xi wears a navy blue, modified version of Mao suit at the State Dinner, which is known as Zhongshan suit in Mandarin. It was originally designed by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, who is considered one of the greatest leaders in China. President Xi wore the Chinese style suit more often than the previous Chinese leaders, who more often wore Western style of suit-and-tie. It is considered that his choice of the Chinese style suit reflects “national pride and confidence in Chinese culture.”

One thing your pooler notice is that, he put a dark green handkerchief for his Chinese style suit. The dark green color totally matches the gown that his wife, Madame Peng, wears for the State Dinner.

It is well-known by Chinese people that when they appear together, the color of part of their dress very often match. Usually, the color of President Xi's tie will match Madame Peng's skirt. For example, when they arrived in Seattle a few days ago, President Xi wore a tie with color of China blue, and his wife's skirt also has color of China blue. It's couple's outfit, or "lovers' outfit" as Chinese people describe it in Mandarin.

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Ching-Yi Chang
White House Correspondent & Chief Editor
US News Center
Shanghai Media Group (SMG)

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