FW: Foreign pool report for POTUS meeting with Saudi delegation

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Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Nayef was seated on the President's right , while Deputy Crown Prince and defence Minister , and the son's king Mohamed Bin Salman was setting on the sofa next to him . Both wore traditional Saudi national dress.

Crown Prince Mohamed spoke in Arabic and he was translated by the new foreign minister and former Saudia ambassador to Washington, Adel Al Jubail.  He conveyed the king's wishes to the President and stressed the importance of the Stratigic relationship between the kingdom and the United States , and he said he looks forward to work on bringing about stability in the region and discuss all the regional issues.

POTUS stressed the situation in Yemen and said that they will look forward to build on the cease fire and to bring about an inclusive government and he looks forward to discuss this tomorrow at camp david .

He also mentioned the efforts to fight ISIS in Iraq and syria and to end the humanitarian crisis .

The saudi delegation included the minister of information , Adel Al toraifi , and other advisors .

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