FW: Foreign pool report for POTUS meeting with the Iraqi PM Al Abadi

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Subject: Foreign pool report for POTUS meeting with the Iraqi PM Al Abadi

The meeting lasted 38 minutes , Prime Minister Abadi spoke in Arabic via interpreter .

Two news items: White House pledges a humanitarian assistance of $ 200 million dollars to help the refugees and those affected by the war.

Your pooler asked him if he will  provide Iraq with heavy weapons , like Apache helicopters , Drones, and F16 jet fighters as were reported prior to the meeting , POTUS declined to confirm,  saying that "we are discussing security arrangements ."

Prime Minister  Abadi focused on distancing his government from any individual human rights violations that reportedly committed by Shia militias , he said "that these were criminals and the Iraqi government has arrested few and brought them to justice but by no means it's an institutional behavior ", He mentioned the sovereignty of Iraq many times , he paraded Iraq as the only democracy in the region where all parties are represented in the government , he also stressed that iraq will not tolerate any interference from neighboring countries.

The PM said that he is very careful to make sure that any fighting forces will be under the supervision of the central government " iraq is facing an atrocious war by ISIS and the Iraqi people with the help of the coalition forces have managed to librate a large amount of territories".

He promised that American blood will not go in vain n the battle to liberate Iraq. He thanks POTUS for helping the Iraqis with weapons and training and for providing air strikes against ISIS

The PM had a light smile during the meeting at the oval.

POTUS took 3 questions from reporters , the first was about the Iranian influence , second about military cooperation in Inbar province and Mousel and the last about providing Iraqi with heaving weapons like drones, F16 and Apache helicopters.

POTUS spoke at length about the bond between iraq and Iran and the help provided by Iran in equipping and training Shia forces to protect Baghdad but insisted that all military assistance has to be coordinated by the central government . He praised the PM and expressed confidence that he will continue to work on an inclusive government . No announcement on any weapons delivery to Iraq were made today.

This is the first visit for the Iraq, his delegation included:

Oil Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi

Defense  Minister, Khalid Al Obaidi

Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zubairi

National security advisor , Faleh Fayyad Higher Education, Minister, Hussain Shahrastani Iraq Ambassador to the U.S , Lukman AlFilali

On the U.S. Side,VP Joe Biden ,  National Security Advisor, Susan Rice were in the room Full script will follow

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