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Subject: Foreign pool report: HRH Prince Harry

Today in the Oval Office, the visit of HRH (His Royal Highness) Prince Harry.

Dress code: black suit, black-and-white tie for President Obama. Blue suit, blue tie, and beard for Prince Harry. By my own calculations, this is the first foreign trip for Prince Harry's beard, which has caused quite a stir.

A few quotes from President Obama, to be checked against the upcoming transcript.

Obama started by mentioning his "great pleasure to meet HRH Prince Harry". He "had the opportunity to spend time with so many of his family members but this is the first time we have a chance to talk directly. He has gotten to know Michelle very well."

Praise for the Invictus Games: "We are very glad to support the Invictus Games. Michelle and myself are interested in promoting it."

More: "We want to thank HRH for his own service in Afghanistan alongside our outstanding American troops. "Testament to the special relationship." "That bond continues into the next generation of leadership that HRH represents."

Prince Harry followed the President's short remarks by even shorter remarks.

"Mr President, thank you very very much for hosting us today and particularly for giving the Invictus Games the boost it thoroughly deserves I suppose. We had huge amounts of fun, designing the Invictus Games based around stealing the Warrior Games off yourselves, and making it international, and making it better, and giving it back to you. We're really looking forward to May and hoping to see as many people as possible supporting it. Thank you."

Also to be checked against the upcoming transcript.

No questions answered except this little exchange for the history books:

Mark Knoller to Prince Harry: "Nice beard."

Prince Harry: "Thank you, you too. Mine's not grey yet." (Note the English spelling of "grey".)

POTUS to Prince Harry: "Fantastic, you get used to them. The camera guys I like."

Also in the Oval Office today, the rather small three-man British delegation:

Sir Peter Westmacott, British Ambassador to the United States
Sir Keith Mills, Chairman, Invictus Games
Edward Lane Fox, Prince Harry's private secretary (the equivalent of a chief of staff, according to the British Embassy)

There is no travelling British press on this trip.

Prince Harry arrived in Washington from London yesterday evening and will leave these shores again this evening.

Earlier today, Prince Harry joined FLOTUS and Dr. Jill Biden at Fort Belvoir. After that, he joined an Invictus Games board meeting at the British Ambassador's residence. Later today, Prince Harry will make remarks at the British Ambassador's reception.

More details from a British Embassy spokesperson:

This is HRH Prince Harry’s fifth official visit to the US, the last time was in May 2013.

Philip Crowther

France 24 White House / Washington correspondent





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