FW: Foreign pool report King Abdualla II and POTUS

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Subject: Foreign pool report King Abdualla II and POTUS

The pool entered the oval  around  11:45 the President welcomed the king stressing the values of " moderation and voice of reason " he represents.

The bulk of their discussions seemed to focus on the crisis in syria and the new accord and how to fight ISIS , both leaders expressed cautious optimism on the implementation of the accord going forward .

The fight against ISIS was also discussed and the president acknowledged the challenges ahead .

The refugees crisis which Jordan bears a great responsibly for and a big financial burden were mentioned , POTUS assured the King of his appreciation and support .

The two leaders discussed the Israeli  Palestinian negotiation, or lack of it, the President thanked the King for Jordan's efforts at al Haram Al Sharief and calming the tension , he also said that they need to "give people a sense of possibility and hope instead of despair ".

The King  thanked the US and the president for its continuous support , esp the financial in dealing with the Syrian refugees crisis which the President described as an important role " for the region and the world "

The King also expressed hope that "the discussion between the US and Russia regarding Syria will move in the right direction " but he acknowledged the challenges .

The Predisent was asked about the Supreme Court nominee by Jeff Mason of Reuters in which he answered at length and my US colleague pooler will sent to you .

I asked the King about the syria accord and the cession  of hostilities and the current US Jordanian cooperation amidst the rising challenges in the Mid East .  The King  described the level of of coordination as " excellent" , he praised the US leadership in the fight against ISIS and said that he hoped that ISIS presence on the Jordanian border will be curtailed . He also express some hope that this Syrian accord will go forward in order to stop the bloodshed .

While fighting ISIS , the King talked about a political solution to end the crisis in tandem with the US position .

Spotted at the oval on  the Jordanian side , were Crown Prince , Hussain Ben Abdullah , Foreign Minister ,Nasser Judeh, Jordan Embassador to the US , Ms Allia Buran , the head of the King office , Jaffar Hasan , and the Chief of the Hashemite  Royal Court, Fayez Al Tarawneh .

On the US side , VP , Joe Biden, national security advisor Susan Rice .

The King's visit to the US will be three days in total . He will come back end of March to attend the Nuclear Summit in DC.

Full transcript will come soon .

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