Fw: Foreign pool report of meeting between POTUS and King of Spain

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Subject: Foreign pool report of meeting between POTUS and King of Spain

Pool was escorted to the Oval Office at 2.50 pm.

POTUS and King Felipe VI spoke about migration crisis in Europe, bilateral cooperation in defense (in Afghanistan and against ISIS) and counter-terrorism and Spain's economic recovery.

POTUS went first and, with regard to migration crisis, he said that "Spain has worked hard to deal with this issue in the past with North African migrants that oftentimes are engaged in dangerous travel". POTUS reiterated that this crisis "is going to require cooperation" from EU, US and the whole international community.
King Felipe did not mention the crisis.

POTUS highlighted that Spain has recovered from a "brutal recession", but there is "more work to do".

"As a matter of foreign policy, we are deeply committed to maintain a relationship with a strong an unified Spain", said POTUS. The Catalonia region, in northeastern Spain, holds regional elections Sept 27 in which separatists are trying to move forward the independence process.

King Felipe VI spoke later, first in English and then in Spanish. He said a lot about shared history and values like democracy, freedom between two countries and mentioned St. Augustine (Florida), the oldest European-established settlement in the US.
"We need each other", said and he highlighted the "blooming moment" in investment and commerce between US and Spain. US was the greatest investor in Spain last year, according to the king.

POTUS said that he hope to visit Spain "before the end" of his presidency.
They did not take questions from the press.
Pool was escorted out at 3.15 pm.

Some background about King and Queen of Spain visit.
Today Queen Letizia is celebrating her 43rd birthday. First Lady Michelle Obama will host her for tea and a tour of the White House Kitchen Garden. Queen Letizia is FAO's special ambassador por Nutrition.

This is their first official trip to US as King and Queen of Spain.
Before arriving in the White House, they traveled this morning to Mount Vernon to pay tribute to George Washington. They laid a floral tribute on his tomb.

Later this afternoon, the royal couple will meet with the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in the Capitol Building, before attending a reception with Spanish residents in Washington.

On Wednesday, the King will participate in a breakfast with business leaders without the Queen, who is going to visit the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Later, the royal couple will lead a meeting of Spanish scientists in US in Georgetown University, where King Felipe was once a student.

On Thursday, King Felipe and Queen Letizia will travel to Florida to attend the opening ceremony of the Spanish Film Festival in Miami.

Besides, on Friday, the will visit St Augustine, in northern Florida, to celebrate the city's 450th anniversary. The city is the oldest European-established settlement in the United States.

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