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POTUS addressed a room full of attendees representing civil societies, religious leaders , foreign dignitaries and reporters ( full list of countries participating has been released by the State department ).

POTUS was introduced by Secretary Kerry  stressing his record on fighting extremism and terrorism but also on building Coalitions from 60 counties .

POTUS said that we are united against violent extremists "  he started by outlining ISIS who are " terrorizing the people in syria and iraq " he listed the rest of groups including Boko Haram and Al Shabab .

He listed few measures to fight extremists including  providing "unwavering support "to countries like Afghanistan and Somalia , promoting tolerance and moderation by religious and civic leaders in the Internet , he also called for an end to sectarian violence and divisions .

POTUS second point was about denying ISIS and Al Qadea the legitimacy that they represent Islam . " we are not at a clash of civilizations . Obama mentioned again that the "U.S. is not at war with Islam"

He repeated what he said in his address to the community leaders at the White House emphasizing the need to address factors that contribute to attracting youth to extreme organizations like poverty , unemployment , lack of opportunities and corruption .

And finally he addresses the political grievances and lack of respect for human rights and restriction on the freedom of worship as a potential factor for joining terrorists organizations .

POTUS ended up to an applause from the audience while reciting personal stories of bravery of people across religious lines. Full script to follow .

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