FW: Foreign pool report-POTUS on closing Guantanamo

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The president entered the Roosevelt room with both Vice President , Joe Biden and Defence Secretary , Ashton Carter . He made an appeal and a four point argument to law makers to approve his plan which he said his entire national security team worked in it .  He thanks Mr Carter in particular . His speech lasted 18 minutes . He spent the first part on highlighting the administration's effort on counter terrorism and the delicate balance between security  and protecting the American people and moral values.

Here are the highlights of the plan :

1  Secure  the transfer of 35 prisoners to foreign countries who were willing to take them while insisting on maximum security measure to make sure they won't pose a threat.

2 Review the military commission process to assess if more of the prisoners are eligible for a transfer to a foreign country .

3 Use the legal tools to put on trial the one who could be tried under article 3 , of the prosecution penal code siting other successful prosecution and convections of terrorists like Richard Reed, Fisal Shahzad, and others.

4 Find secure locations in the United States where the other remaining detainees who can't be prosecuted , or they aren't eligible for a review and can't be released for security reasons will be held in super max jails around the country .

Some of his quotes

" I am clear eyed about the hurdle of closing Guantanamo "

" plan deserves a fair hearing "

" President Bush wanted to close it and I give him credit for that "

" it will save us $85 million a year "

" World leaders bring the issue and raise specific cases"

" We are a model for the rule of law"

91 detainees remaining out of original 800 plus when it was first opened .

Full script to follow from WH  press.

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