FW: foreign pool report- POTUS with Nigeria President

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The pool was ushered in where President Obama and President Muhammadu Buhari were already seated. The Nigerian president was dressed in a traditional West African-style caftan of a black long gown and a matching pants and [prayer hat]. President Obama greeted Mr. Buhari and hailed the recent election in Nigeria as “historic”. He also praised President Buhari as a man of integrity and he expressed confidence that he has a clear agenda based on security and peace and fighting corruption. The president said the two main issues that will be discussed is Boko Haram and anti-corruption laws. In addition to that, the wide issues of Nigeria’s leadership in public health, as the President stated, are especially in the fight against Ebola and polio as well as climate change. The president signaled Nigeria as a role model for the African continent and said that the Nigerian people are the “best in business”. The Nigerian president spoke in English and a soft voice. He praised president Obama and the United Sates for demanding that the election held recently in Nigeria was transparent and fair. He also said that he looked forward to the two countries’ cooperation on anti-corruption laws and the role the United States can play in that. His statement was very short.

Spotted in the room was Vice President Joe Biden and National Security Advisor Susan Rice. A full transcript to follow.

Your Pooler asked the president for his reaction on the approval of the UN security council resolution today of the Iran deal and whether that will help him in Congress. The president said, “This is by far our strongest approach to ensure Iran does not get a nuclear weapon. There is broad international consensus around the issue, not just among the international community but also among experts in the nuclear proliferation and my assumption is that Congress will pay attention to that broad base consensus.”

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