Fw: Foreign Pool Report - Prince of Wales and Dichess of Cornwall in the Oval Office

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Subject: Foreign Pool Report - Prince of Wales and Dichess of Cornwall in the Oval Office

Pool entered the Oval Office at 2:16PM and was pushed out barely two minutes later.

As is protocol when the President receives foreign officials, the Prince of Wales was sitting to his right, while the Duchess of Cornwall sat on the couch to the right of her husband. Vice President Biden was facing her, sitting on the couch to the left of the President.

The President and the Prince whispered to each other when the pool came in and the only reaction of note from them came after a question to the President from Reuters’ Jeff Mason on Benyamin Netanyahu (see Script). The President answered with a smirk “Really Jeff?!?”, which made the Prince laugh and blush profusely.

Otherwise, Prince Charles was not talkative with the press -- much like his son, Prince William, who visited the Oval Office on December 8, 2014.


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