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> POTUS landed at 2 pm under cloudy skies at the Selfridge air base. There was a short delay in deplaning as the ground crew had a little trouble lining up the staircase to the plane. POTUS walked slowly down the steps alongside Dr. Biden, followed by Rep. Brenda Lawrence and Rep. Sandy Levin.
> The president then walked alone to a rope line across the tarmac and shook hands with       people in street clothes and, behind them, service members in fatigues. He reached deep into the crowd to get all of the military folks reaching his way.
> "Hey, pretty girl!" he said to a toddler dressed in white.
> Greeters, per the White House:
> Brigadier General John D. Slocum
> Chief Master Sergeant Robert E. Dobson
> Mike Duggan, Mayor, Detroit, MI
> Warren Evans, County Executive, Wayne County
Also from the White House:

The President is touring Macomb Community College’s Michigan Technical Education Center (M-TEC), the college’s headquarters for its engineering and advanced technology workforce and continuing education team. The President and Dr. Biden will interact with students who are learning control robotics, components of M-TEC’s training in advanced integrated manufacturing, automated systems and robotics. The President and Dr. Biden will see an automated assembly robotics cell and an automated robotic material handling cell.

Tour Guide:
Holger Ekanger, Director at M-TEC for Workforce and Continuing Education, Engineering & Advanced Technology.

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