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Obama and John Legend

While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were debating in Milwaukee, President Obama took the stage in a softly-lighted backyard in Hancock Park to raise money for the DNC.

He once again took stock of his record as president, saying he had checked off 80% of the items on the checklist he drew up when he entered office. "Our work is not done," he said, "but if we look at what we’ve accomplished over the last seven years, it should fortify us."

Obama cited climate change, health insurance, and lesbian and gay rights as areas where there was work still to be done. He encouraged his supporters to work with him. "My slogan back then was not 'Yes, I can,' it was 'Yes, we can,'" he said.

Obama spoke again about the unpredictable forces in the current election. "You’re seeing in our election cycle a lot of the anger and frustration," he said. "Some of it is manufactured for political purposes, some of it is hype. But the frustrations are there, and they are real."

"There are people who afraid," he continued. "They watch the evening news: what’s happening in Syria and other troubled parts of the world."

"Fear, if not unaddressed, if not channeled, can result in some pretty ugly politics," Obama said. "It has never been more important for us as citizens to fight against that fear."

Before the president spoke, John Legend, a longtime Obama supporter, sat at the piano and sang a beautiful version of his hit, "All of Me."

Motorcade will roll shortly for another fundraiser, the last on this long day.

Mark Landler
NY Times

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