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Eric Schultz opened by marking the one-year anniversary of Obama’s formal request that Congress pass an AUMF for the fight against ISIS. “While we firmly believe we have the authority for our efforts against ISIL,” he said, “an ISIL-specific AUMF with bipartisan support would provide a clear signal of unity to the men and women of our armed forces, to our allies, and to our enemies.”

Asked about whether Bernie Sanders’ success in New Hampshire and Iowa suggested progressive Democrats were unsatisfied with Obama’s legacy, Schultz cited the recent meeting between Sanders and Obama, after which he “told all of you that he believes the president has done a fantastic job.” In a separate interview, Schultz said, Sanders declared, “I believe the president has done an excellent job. I think he’s very proud of the president’s record over the past seven, eight years, and wants to build on that.”

Schultz said Obama “understands the energy that Sen. Sanders has tapped into, that this has been a thread prevalent in our politics for many decades, and that it’s real. The frustration in Washington is not something to dismiss, rather  to acknowledge.”

Asked if his comments represented an effort to settle Democratic nerves and implicitly boost Clinton, Schultz said Obama “believes there is a choice facing this country this coming fall, where Democrats and Republicans will present vey different views of where to take this country.”

Asked about Jay Carney’s comment that he believes Obama is rooting for Clinton, Schultz said, “If you want the best insight into the president’s thinking on the 2016 race, specifically the contest on the Democratic side between Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton, I urge you to look at an interview a few weeks ago, where he opened up pretty candidly about the race.”

Turning to Obama’s remarks on the Supreme Court ruling on clean-power plants, Schultz declined to details the WH’s outreach to other countries.

On John King‘s nomination as Ed Secretary: “We believe that now is the right time for Congress to move on this nomination. All too often, we’ve seen Congress play politics with our nominees. Our nominees are often slow-walked for months, if not years. And then they’re typically confirmed almost unanimously. So clearly these are not objectionable officials. … We would urge Congress to move quickly to confirm Dr. King.”

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