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Obama's Remarks on the Election

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser in Atherton, Calif., the president addressed the state of the campaign (please check against transcript):

"Look, it’s an interesting political moment," he said, "and it’s still early in the process, and there’s a tendency, I think, for commentators to hyper-ventilate because it’s good entertainment value. And so every twist and turn and various candidates pop up and then vanish...and all of this is somehow determinative of what’s going to  happen. And then, three to four months later, nobody remembers what all the fuss was about because we get down to the real business of electing a president."

"Here's what is true: despite all the progress we've made, despite the fact the country is indisputably, demonstrably better off than when I took office in just about every measure, what is true is that people are anxious, people remember what happened in 2007 and 2008, and they think, 'Well, if my home values could drop that fast, my pensions could shrink that drastically, then maybe I'm not as secure as I thought I was, and I can't trust, not only the institutions of the private sector, but also government, to look out for me.' And that makes people concerned"

"People are deeply concerned about inequality in the sense that the system is rigged against ordinary folks....and they're not wrong...big money and unaccountable, undisclosed money is distorting out politics in ways that are going to be damaging over the long-term."

"That disquiet, that concern is expressing itself in the Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party, and we need to listen to that, and we have to pay attention, and be mindful, because when people are scared, then strange things can happen in politics. When people are nervous and feel threatened, we can get a politics that is not about bringing people together, but is about us and them."

At 156 PST, the motorcade departed Atherton for Moffett Airfield.

Mark Landler
NY Times

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