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At 2:50 pm, the pool was escorted into a room where President Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi were sitting next to each other, with their delegations on each side.

President Obama started his remarks by praising "a reliable partner" in PM Abadi.

"The challenges we face continue to be significant", he said.

"We have seen successes but we have also seen setbacks".

He insisted on the fact that success was "dependant on an effective partnership between the international coalition and the Iraqi government"

Among other things, he stressed the need to "coordinate more effectively in getting weapons in the hands of those who are prepared to fight ISIl".

"PM Abadi is very much commited to an effective, inclusive government", he added

"As long M. Abadi and the government stay commited to an inclusive approach (…) I am absolutely confident that we will be successful"

"The US is going to continue to ramp up training and assistance"

"I am confident that although it is going to take time, we are going to be successful, ISIL is going to be driven out of Iraq and ultimately it is going to defeated", he concluded.

PM Abadi, whose statement was translated from Arabic to English, thanked the United States and the international community for "standing side by side with Iraq to defeat Daesh" (Item: the translator refered alternatively to ISIL or Deash)

"We lost only temporarily in Ramadi", but "we'll continue all our efforts".

"ISIL's ideology is a false one", he said.

"We are working on including all the components of the Iraqi people".

PM Abadi underlined two major issues :

- The flux of foreign fighters going into Iraq and Syria

"We raised the issue at the G7 today and this will require the efforts of the international community"

"ISIL recruiting must be stopped and this can be done via a global intelligence sharing effort"

- The revenues generated by ISIL through oil smuggling

"To stop this activity, this will require the effort of the international community"

"We need the help of our allies, we will be able to defeat ISIL", he concluded.

(Please check against transcript as always)

US delegation:

Susan Rice, National Security Advisor

Josh Earnest, Press Secretary

Wendy Sherman, Under Secretary for Political Affairs, United States Department of State Charles Kupchan, Senior Director for European Affairs

At the end of the bilat meeting, President Obama will wrap up his two-day trip in with a press conference.

Jérôme Cartillier

AFP White House Correspondent

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