FW: In-town pool #1 -- Oval Office pool spray/Marine One departure

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Subject: In-town pool #1 -- Oval Office pool spray/Marine One departure

Pool was ushered into into the Oval Office at 10:15 a.m.

POTUS, seated behind the Resolute Desk, said that he wanted to get a head start on his education announcement at Georgia Tech later this afternoon.

The president said the issue of education has been on his mind recently.

POTUS said that he wanted to make sure "every young person in this country who is willing to put in the effort can afford to go to college. As part of that overall process, today we're going to be talking today about a student bill of right. This is part of it. It's an executive action that we're able to take to streamline and improve the manner in which the federal government interacts with students."

"It will be part of the broader overview that I'll talk about," POTUS said.

Pool was in the Oval Office for less than 1 minute. No additional remarks from POTUS.

Pool was then ushered onto the South Lawn for Marine One's departure. Obama emerged from the Oval at 10:18. He made a show of heading towards the assembled press, as if he had something to say. Then he said "I'm just faking you out, I"m avoiding the mud." He stopped to say hi to some children on the ropeline.

Anita Breckenridge, Amy Brundage, David Simas, and Joe Paulsen are his traveling companions today.

Marine One was wheels up at 10:24 a.m., disappeared from pool's view a minute later.

Handing off to travel pool.

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Reporter, Wall Street Journal

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