FW: In-town pool 1a: Obama remarks during Oval spray with German president

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Subject: In-town pool 1a: Obama remarks during Oval spray with German president

POTUS and German President Joachim Gauck made 17 minutes worth of remarks in the Oval Office this morning. Please check the transcript. Two ladies flanked both presidents and provided translation. The presidents were seated in chairs facing the Resolute Desk on the other side of the room.

Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary John Kerry and Ambassador Susan Rice were among the officials also in the Oval, standing behind the pool.

Obama's remarks first:

"It is a great honor to have a great friend of the United States, President Gauck, visit the Oval Office."

POTUS said it was an "repay the hospitality" that he felt during his past visits to Germany. "For American audiences, some people may not be aware of the president's extraordinary life and the role that he has played in creating a modern, unified, democratic, peaceful Germany. As a pastor and a democratic activist in Eastern Germany, he played an important role in giving a voice to the aspirations of all those who sought a unified Germany that reflected the values that we now see in that great country."

"Not only was reunification important for Germany, but it was important for Europe, it was important for the trans-Atlantic relationship, and it was important for the world."

"Germany is obviously one of our strongest allies, and the president continues to give voice to the U.S.-German relationship, the shared values of tolerance, democracy, and human rights and freedom that are so important to both of our countries."

"On a wide range of international issues, from the tragic situation in Syria and the need for a humane response to the refugee crisis, to a peaceful resolution that prevents Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, the president's voice has been clear in helping Germany leave its mark on the world stage."

Obama said that Gauck's U.S. itinerary, visiting historical locations in Philadelphia and the King Memorial and Lincoln Memorial in DC, "are indicative of the shared values, both democratic and religious and humanist, that are so important to the president, important to Germany and important to the American people. So we welcome him, and I look forward to an excellent discussion about how we can further deepen our already extraordinarily strong ties."

Sending Gauck's remarks shortly...


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