FW: In-town pool 3: Groberg remarks at stakeout

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Retired U.S. Army Captain Florent Groberg, Medal of Honor recipient, made the following comments to cameras and pool outside the West Wing a few minutes before noon:

"It is an honor to be here. This medal is the greatest honor you could ever receive, and I am blessed and just grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve my country. But this medal belongs to the true heroes --- Command Sergeant [Kevin] Griffin, Major [Walter] Gray, Major [Thomas] Kennedy, Ragaei Abdelfattah --- who made the ultimate sacrifice and didn't come home. It also belongs to their families, true heroes who live with that day every day missing one of the members of their families. So I'm honored, overwhelmed, but I hope to become the right carrier for them and better myself as a human being for the rest of my life."

It was raining during the remarks, and someone held an umbrella for Groberg. When he finished his remarks, he turned and walked back into the West Wing without taking questions.


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