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POTUS at DNC fundraiser, Potomac Md.
Motorcade arrived at the Trone residence about 5:35 p.m. after an uneventful ride.
Poolers were led up a long driveway, through a covered walkway to the back of the property, past a large patio with flaming torch lights, into a white tent, where the 350 guests were seated.
The president began speaking at 5:46 p.m, on a stage backed with royal blue drapes and two U.S. flags.  After his remarks, he's attending a closed-press dinner at the same site.
Obama (please check remarks against transcript):

"I was reminded -- this is a little scary -- that today is actually the 7th anniversary of my election as president of the United States. Clearly the grey hair testifies to all seven years."
lady told him "you look handsome."
"It makes me think about where we were seven years ago." losing 800,000 jobs a month. stock market had collapsed. financial system had "locked up."
"People were losing their homes. Frankly, nobody knew where the bottom was."
because of Americans, "we were able to systematically work our way out of this hole."
"People's 401ks have been restored. We've seen a growth in manufacturing that is unmatched since the 1990s."
"Graduation rates are up, college attendance is up, 'Don't ask Don't tell' is no more."
"It makes you wonder what it is that the Republicans are talking about, because in this alternative reality that they have constructed…everything was great until I took office. Those were the golden years when we were losing 800,000 jobs…"
"And I came in and just screwed everything up."
The GOP needs to constructive an alternative reality.
"It's not enough they spent the entire seven years obstructing. The same ideas that got us into that hole in the first place are the same ideas that they're promoting today."

"You could take the speech of any one of the current Republican candidates and put it side by side with what Mitt Romey was arguing in 2012 and John McCain was arguing in 2008 and George Bush in 2004 … it'd be the same thing."
He derided "a politics that divides and says some are less worthy of our attention than others."
"The platform is almost identical" from year to year among the GOP candidates.
"Our response is to remind people there's a lot of good stuff going on in America right now."
"It's a good thing that we cut the deficit by two-thirds since I signed Obamacare. It's a good thing that manufacturing jobs are coming back in America."
"But it's not enough for us to settle for what has been done. We also need to describe a vision for where we need to go."
"Democrats … actually have a vision for an inclusive economy…."
a vision that says we'll rebuild our roads and bridges and infrastructure.
'a vision that says we're going to make sure that Medicare and Social Security are there, not just for this generation" but for future generations.
"A vision that says everybody deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and equality under the law, and it's a good thing that you're able to marry the person you love."
giving the children of immigrants a chance.

"the measure of our strength is not simply a how many countries we're occupying….
"Something like Family Leave or sick leave is not a luxury. It is what allows extraordinarily talented people to be in the workforce and still do right by their families."
"We've got a vision of where we need to go, and now we've got to sell it."
"We have a splintered media in which that alternative reality is delivered to people all across this country non-stop every day. There's a lot of noise, a lot of misinformation. Basic facts are constantly contested, very effectively."
"If you ask the average person on the street, they're absolutely confident the deficit's skyrocketed because of the liberal Obama agenda. There's a lot of noise out there. People have a different perception of what's true and what's not. There's a cynicism about government."
"When we don't vote, oftentimes we lose. We should not be complacent. We've got a great record of accomplishment over the last seven years. We have the right agenda for America … but we have to go out there and sell it. The stakes are enormous in this upcoming election. We can't afford complacency. A president's important, I won't lie. I've got a big plane, helicopters. Although it's leases, my lease is about to run out. Presidents are important. They can help set the agenda. But presidents without a Congress that's supportive of that agenda .. is not going to get done what needs to get done."
"in a little over a year's time, I will get on that plane for the last time…but I'm going to be right alongside you as a fellow citizen, and my work will not be done, just like your work will not be done."
"We'll continue to make sure that my successor is a Democratic president and we'll win back the Senate and win back the House… Let's go out and make it happen."

David Trone, who introduced the president, told the group, "We're here tonight to show our appreciation to the president for his service to the country."
He echoed Obama that the Republican presidential candidates are indeed "grumpy cats," calling them "callous" and "bombastic."
"Mr. President, your election and reelection represent the best of America. You saw us through tough times, and did not let us down. Thank you for reminding us why we're proud to be Democrats. Thank you for the promise of a better tomorrow for every person lucky enough to live in America."


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