Fw: In-town pool #5 -- fuller quote about similarities in GOP platforms

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Subject: In-town pool #5 -- fuller quote about similarities in GOP platforms

"You could take the speech of any one of the current Republican candidates and put it side-by-side with what Mitt Romney was arguing in 2012, and what John McCain was arguing in 2008, and what George Bush was arguing in 2000 and 2004, and it'd be the same prescription. They're offering the same thing -- tax cuts for folks at the very top who don't need tax cuts, cuts in critical investments like education, and research and development and infrastructure to help us grow, cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and programs that mark us as an advanced society because we care for the vulnerable… a politics that divides and says some are less worthy of our attention than others. The platform's almost identical."

Pool was led out of the property, past a very long line of well-dressed folks waiting for golf carts to take them back to their cars, while POTUS is taking part in another, closed discussion with donors at dinner at the house.

Before returning to the vans, your pool was treated to what could be the nicest port-o-john many of us have ever seen. There was wood paneling in the men's room, with a lovely little vase holding golden calla lillies above the urinal. There were two sinks with marble-topped vanities. This civilized experience was brought to us by Bobby's Portable Restrooms, whose glitter-embossed business cards were also at eye level above the urinals.

Your poolers are now settled into the press vans for a lengthy hold, with our granola bars and turkey sandwiches, etc.


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