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White House pool report #1

President Obama, VP Biden and Secretary McDonald hosted the Wounded Warrior Ride at the South Lawn. The kick off event was open press but here are some highlights:

A very festive occasion on the south lawn with an estimated few hundred people. Dozens of bikes were parked in the driveway of  various types and heights, including hand bikes. Uniformed band was on hand playing upbeat music. Before the presidnet came outside, each veteran was introduced by name and made a grand exit out of the White House to cheers and claps from the crowd. One by one, each cyclist headed toward the bikes. The cyclists - of various ranks, ages and branches of the military -- wore black track suits with white piping.

Obama, Biden and McDonald came out of the WH with event leader Cpt. William Reynolds at 11:28

Obama made brief remarks honoring the military members and veterans. He specifically honored three veterans present - Jessica Bilkovich

Casey Mceuin

Jason Miller

Potus also praised Biden, McDonald and veterans organizations for their work.  He encouraged Americans to cheer and support veterans along the bike route today and always.

He gave a shout out to each branch of the military one by one to cheers from the attendees. (Army, Navy, Air Force , marines, coast Guard and military families). Obama said he's committed to serving veterans as well as they have served the country.

Please check quotes with transcript :

Obama said he hosts many events but "few are inspiring as this one. "

Obama noted there are 40 active duty members and 25 veterans riding who are learning how to adapt to new lives and recovering from injuries.

The goal is to "help each other ... get across that finish line. That's how America is supposed to work."

Obama said the ride was "dreamt up by a bartender - where some of my best ideas have came from. But this is one of those ideas that the next day actually was still good."

"It's a reminder that those who are called to serve, their mission doesn't end on the battlefield . It's one you carry with you the rest of your life."

At the end of his remarks, Obama said he's had several chances to blow the horn to kick off the event and he could use some volunteers. Pooler couldn't quite see or hear everything , but appears POTUS brought up I believe several kids who each got a turn at honking the horn about a dozen times.

Obama got the loudest and last horn blow.  The cyclists then took off from the driveway to cheers.

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