FW: In-Town Pool Report 1 - back at White House

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Subject: In-Town Pool Report 1 - back at White House

More than a hundred staffers and guests welcomed POTUS back from his trip.

Marine One flew through a bright blue sky that was painted with wispy clouds and jet trails. It was first spotted by the pool at 2:19.

POTUS seems to have asked the pilot hover a couple minutes longer than usual, because by the time they landed all the fall leaves were cleared from POTUS' putting green.

"It was very, very cool," a young guest (approximately 10 years old) reported of the dusty and windy landing.

POTUS strolled alone onto the White House lawn at 2:23, rocking a sharp suit, white shirt and Secret Service-esque black shades.

At 2:24 he entered the Oval Office alone.

Extra color: Some red and white roses in the Rose Garden are still stunning and the bumblebees are still enjoying the lavender. What the pooler believes was a Monarch Butterfly was scene dancing in the lawn before Marine One scared it off.


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