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Pool was escorted through foyer at 1:50 p.m. to the sounds of soothing piano music.

The Blue Room is set with chairs in a semi-circle, with roughly 60 people already seated in the audience. A fourth row of chairs in the front is still empty. A podium is set in front of the fireplace.

A WH official has provided background on the event (below). Pool is now holding for remarks.

From a White House official:

President Obama is delivering remarks at a ceremony celebrating graduating seniors who participated in the White House Leadership and Mentorship Program.  The program, which includes more than two dozen young people from the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia metro area, is a program aimed at making a concrete impact on a group of young people by providing them with mentoring, advice, encouragement, and exposure to new opportunities. The program connects mentees with staffers working in the White House and across the Administration.

Today’s graduates and the schools they plan to attend include:

•             Mike Belay, George Mason University
•             Charles Edmunds, Morgan State University
•             Jonathan Larrain, Northern Virginia Community College
•             Jerron Hawkins, Howard University
•             Noah McQueen, Morehouse College
•             Bernard Mkumbuzi, East Carolina University
•             Marcus Russell, Virginia State University
•             Malik Brooks, West Virginia Wesleyan College
•             Joseph West, Morgan State University

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